Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guru Rinpoche Guru Pamasambhava with Yeshe Tsogyal and Mandarava

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The late Pinky Roo, a large chihuahua, cuddling with Bess, the jindo. The jindo breed is considered a Korean national treasure. Bess wandered into our front yard five years ago. We bought Pinky from a pet store. 
There is nothing more compelling than watching two animals snuggle. It's so pure.

I personally love snuggling. There is something very 'animal' about curling up with a loved one and stealing some of that individual's heat. Heat flows in such a way that objects in the same area eventually become the same temperature.

Warmth from the big dog moves into the little dog. And then both of them equalize.


Today is a day of love.

Alex Doolan's "Mud Doctors"

And what do we love more that art?


Students making art is one of the most beautiful things I can imagine. GO GO GO! Make art NSTV. Do it. And they did it.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Alex Doolan's "Call 911!," 2011, Acrylic, oil and graphite on canvas, 72 x 96
In one of my writing classes today, we discussed whether or not an artist has to be tortured in order to make truly wonderful art. Some said yes. Some said no.

Names that came up: Truman Capote, Fanny Howe
Names that I thought of as the discussion went on: David Foster Wallace, Diane Arbus, Mary Karr, Marlon Brando

The question of causation versus correlation comes up. Do tortured people tend to gravitate toward art? Does making art and committing oneself to the production of art (which in turn requires intense critical evaluation) cause trauma? Does a tortured person produce better writing, canvases, performances?

People always say that comedians tend to be dark people.

But as an artist, I'd like to think that one need not be traumatized in order to be great. For logistical reasons.
Diane Arbus' Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, New York City (1962)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You Speak

Wegee's "Animal 'Oscars'" ca. 1951, International Center of Photography

Bring on the wonderful things.

I took screen shots of the emails I received! Thanks for sharing!

I am only posting the first five responses I received:


And that's it! My wonderful moment yesterday was eating Korean BBQ for dinner. Today it was seeing my friend in a play. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I want to hear from you all.
"Men of Good Fortune," North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011 - photo by Richard Mosse
Tell me about one wonderful thing you experienced over the course of your day. Email me at a brief description of the event/moment and I will feature it in tomorrow's post. 

Each day is filled with a myriad of odd, satisfying, surprising moments. Choose one.

Was it when you were:
- enjoying that hot cup of coffee over breakfast?
- visiting a museum?
- getting a tattoo?
- reading a good book?
- seeing a bird hop on the grass?
- talking to your brother on the phone?
- smelling the scent of lavender as you traipsed through your garden?
- eating that mochi ice cream?

Don't be shy. It's more fun to share. 
This will be anonymous. Identities will be protected. (Unless you want your name to be attached and a link to your own blog. I am happy to do that.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Discovering Beauty in Website Form

The web is saturated with different pages. Links upon links. When do you find a site that really stirs you? That is rare for me.

But today I came upon a website that is both inspiring and thought provoking. The site showcases a series of images taken by Google's cam that travels the world on top of a car. Google Earth is miraculous.

The beautiful site:

Some choice images:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding Lost Keys

Before I begin my formal discussion of one of today's wonderful moments, I have to acknowledge the wonderfulness that is the video of Kristen Bell freaking out about a sloth. This miraculous video has gone viral. I watched it last night and had to watch it again today.

There are few things in life that are as strange as watching a grown human behave unabashedly like a child. I admire this. Cheers, Kristen. You seriously love sloths. And I love you for that.

Has Kristen seen the video "baby sloths being bathed?" I hope so.

I'm trying to think of what my 'sloth' is, ya know? What is your 'sloth?' What do I flip out about and cry over because I am SO excited? I can only think of chihuahua puppies.

And now for today's wonderful moment: finding not one but TWO sets of lost keys. (I understand that by sharing this, I am letting everyone know how absentminded I can be. But I am OK with that.)

For the past few weeks I have been using a copy key to get into my apartment (I made it at the beginning of the year for just this purpose). But the loss of my keyring meant that I also lost the keys to the mailbox and laundry room. This is what really hurt. Luckily I had recently done a batch of laundry before I lost the keyring, but in recent days I have been aching for more clean clothing options. I have been searching for the elusive keyring since the day I lost it. To no avail.

But today, while I was scrambling to get myself ready to leave the apartment to go to a singing lesson, I randomly looked in a bag that was laying on the couch. And the keyring was at the bottom of the purse. 


Then when I parked my car, I decided to clean the interior a bit before heading to the lesson. I snaked my hand under the passenger seat to retrieve trash, and found ANOTHER SET OF LOST KEYS.


This was the first set of keys I had lost way earlier in the year. The keyring with the cupcakes was actually a replacement.

So I am feeling great right now, mainly because I can go do some laundry.

Everybody wins.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Having a Party During English Class

A new month! Hello!

My fourth grade teacher used to tell us that on the morning of the first day of the month, when you are getting out of bed, saying "rabbit, rabbit" before your feet touch the floor grants you a whole month of luck. I have remembered this since I was eleven, so clearly it resonated with me. But I have never remembered to say "rabbit, rabbit." Never once. And I forgot again this month.

Enough about bad luck. Bring on the happy.

And today there was a lot of happy. Including a 'party' during my creative non fiction class.

Though my university works on the quarter system, I am enrolled in a course that is broken up into semesters. And the first semester ended today. We all turned in our final essays and ate festive foods like chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate chip cookies. Healthful classmates brought bananas and pretzels with humus.

It reminded of those days during elementary school in which, instead of class, the teachers would throw a celebration for some holiday or someone's birthday. Those were the BEST days.

A party is always a wonderful thing. And something about throwing a celebration when you're supposed to be "doing work" makes it all the more exciting.

To honor the journey we've all taken this semester, a few people volunteered to read excerpts of their final pieces. That is my favorite part. I have seen a lot of my classmates grow over the course of the semester and produce some awesome work. Great group of people.

Then we got derailed on an ongoing discussion we've been having about Joe Wenderoth, writer and poet. A few weeks ago our professor assigned an essay by Wenderoth that polarized the class. If you want to check it out, it is called "Memo to the Department." I just wanted to hear more people read from their essays.

I will say that I am a fan of Wenderoth's poetry. For a crazy read check out Letters To Wendy's. Wenderoth wrote a prose poem a day for a little over a year on Wendy's comment cards. His work provides a commentary on American consumer culture. It's a novel little book that can be wildly confusing and highly amusing. Recommended.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going Grocery Shopping

I journeyed to Trader Joe's today and stocked up on all the essentials. This is critical because I have been subsisting on granola, peanut butter,  and oranges for the past couple of days.

And it cheered me because I found out earlier in the day that I did not get an internship I had recently interviewed for. But these things happen! The beat goes on.

The grocery store is a magical place. Walking the asiles and looking at all of the fresh vegetables and ripe fruit is awe inspiring. I love the grocery store because it offers unbounded potential. That is - if you know how to cook.

I am still working on that part. I never learned to love cooking. My aunt adores cooking. For her, making a meal is a creative act that reflects who she is. I think a good cook is just as inventive as any visual or performing artist. They dazzle a different sense, that of taste and smell.

Living on my own has taught me the value of being able to make yourself a tasty, warm meal full of protein. I've gotten pretty good at making omelets, stir fry, pasta, pizza (real treat), salmon.

Though it is smaller than a Ralphs or Pavilions, Trader Joe's still offers a staggering amount of choices.

So many cereals. Such an array of cereal choices caused me to not pick any of them. Irony. Recommended book of the week - The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less by Barry Schwartz.